How to Take Care of Your Newborn Baby

Take Care of Your Newborn Baby

Not even you, every member of your family should have basic ideas about how to Take Care of Your Newborn Baby before his born. Those are often curious and busy about knowing things like how to feed, bath an infant of buying new stuff for him often forget about where to start when the baby comes on their lap.

Many new parents express this first-time vision of their new child like that, “I felt like somebody stunned me or I just hit by anything. There is nothing around me expect my little boy/girl. It is truly a bless to having a baby, but with enormous joy, a baby comes with a great responsibility too.

Some tips of  Take Care of Your Newborn Baby:

To make your job easier here, we have discussed the basic things that you should know for taking care of your newborn. Have a look below.

Nursing the Baby:

Newborns are used to eating all the time. They need to feed time to time. Otherwise, they will not grow well and get hungry all the time. Some of them used to eat every hour, and some may take some more time to get hungry.Newborn Baby

If you are a new mom and have a lack of knowledge about breastfeeding then you can discuss it with your doctor even you are your mom. Don ever hesitates to ask for help. Experts tell moms who are opened minded to discuss things and seek help/advice are good in nursing children.

  • You can make the inquiry about nursing classes where they specially discuss breastfeeding and other necessary stuff to take care your baby. When you are in the hospital before/after giving birth the child, the doctors or nurse will help you to learn about breastfeeding. Still, if you are feeling uncomfortable or don’t have any clue, you can ask your nurse to advise you about baby nursing.
  • It is natural when you are Beck home your immediate attend will go your child either he is crying or not. However, still, you need to pay attention to yourself first. Have a class of water and seat on a chair for a while. Baby feeding could take some moment so you should pee first.
  • If you feel your breast get blocked ducts or engorged take a break. Use warm compress by wet washcloths or a flat pillow. Warm the towels and place them over the breasts.
  • When your breast feels sore, you should apply some different method. Warm compress is good for milk flow, but cold compress will help you from this.
  • If you are planning to take bottles, then you have to start to earlier. If you are going to establish it after 3month of breastfeeding, it will not help that much. Experts say bottle from six to 8 week of age is right. However, many moms say it is better to start right after one month.


Babies do not eat a lot; they sleep a lot too. They could sleep more than 16 hours long. Most of them like o sleep all day and awake in the night.

Their body clock is not set with the day-night routine of sleeping properly. It needs time to adjust. However, this routine will make your night worse. You can sleep proper or work properly to giving attention to them.

  • Your sleep will interrupt in midnight, or you may not get enough time for bathing. All the will make you angry, tired or bored sometimes. So stop thing about how tired you are or how early you get up this morning, it will make things worse more. Gather yourself and if needed ask for help.
  • Your husband could be a best helping hand during this time. You can make a new routine of baby care with him. If he is not available for work during day/ night, ask him to care for the baby when he is home. He can rock the baby or feed him in the bottle for a while. So you can take a nap or complete your important works.
  • Besides you can complete, you’re sleeping by lay down beside the kid when he also feels in sleep. It will also support you to get to bed early.
  • Some babies are awake most of the time without having a nap. If you are facing this problem, you should consult with a pediatrician. If everything is ok, then you have to find out a way to complete his sleep. You can use a rocker or let him sleep on your lap. However, don’t let him sleep in the car seat or your chest. It will give trouble you later.

Newborn Baby

Soothing Your Baby:

  • You will find yourself an awkward position sometimes when your child starts to cry, and nothing helps you out. You have tried new things on and on to which works well to soothe him.
  • Some expert says to try the womb behavior to make him clam. You can try swinging, swaddling, shushing if nothing works.
  • Many moms use to sing or play tunes, whistle to sooth kids. Its really Kids find the voice of mother very calming and depending. Even the father can try to playing gutter or something or sing a lullaby, don’t worry your kid will not judge for your bad tone or voice.
  • Here is another way to make him quite, but it will help you to do a little exercise. O the lugs and knee bend by holding the child. This new thing will destruct them and make the quite even giggle.
  • If nothing works, take a warm bath with the kid. It will help both of you relax.

Still, there will other problems will grow with time and you have to deal with them too. However, don’t ever think you are the only person who is going through the trouble to taking care of a kid.

Think about your mother who raised her all kids and still have the stamina to take all the challenge that she was given. So, compose yourself once again and deal with everything you got to take care the newborn.

Sooner all your hard work will return with your baby’s precious smile, proudly walking towards to you with his little steps.

  • March 18, 2017
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