7 Summer Holiday Activities Ideas for kids

Summer Holiday Activities IdeasSummer holidays are coming so we are also here with some excellent summer holiday activities ideas for kids. Aside from the winter summer is the perfect time to enjoy holidays. Even it is more enjoyable in summer compared than winter days.

You could stay outside as long as you want in bright sunlight under the blue sky. In these summer vacations, kids take time to settling into their new free routine even parents also. You all have the lazy time to do anything you want, sleep all day or play all day.

The first couple of days these are fine, but for rest of the holidays, they are not ok for moms. So if you are not planning for family tour or summer camp encourage your child to do something exciting and creative. Where he can show off his talent, learn some new things or experiments a little with his casually daily routine.

Some Summer Holiday Activities Ideas for kids

Everybody likes to have fun with friends and family in various ways. However, what about the children? They would like to fun too but not always acceptable in the mature gang.

That is why we have sorted some exciting cool summer holiday activities ideas for your kids for both inside and outside; so they can enjoy as much as you all.

1. Bouncing:


Bouncing is the greatest fun for any kids. You can let them jumping on their own on a trampoline in your backyard or garden. Jumping on a trampoline is best to stronger their body.

Moreover, another best part about trampoline is more than one kid can enjoy jumping on it including you.

2. Water fighting:

This fighting game could play with both kids to kid or kids to adults. All you just need to fill some balloons, water gun, buckets or with water and target others. Some people like to add color to the water to make this game more interesting.

If you think this is more violent for your clothes, then you can skip the part. Water fighting could be very refreshing for all the players in the hot summer days. Just make sure they start it before bath.

3. Camping:


Camping is an adventurous way to spend any vacation, especially in summer. You can take your kids this time on a forest or hill tracks near the bank of the river. This will allow them to discover a new environment with new exciting things.  You could share all your experience with them about camping and teach them in reality. Like how to cook, collect fire woods,  set the tent, etc.

4. Gardening:


Gardening could be another fun thing to do in summer. If you over to gardening and also have I garden in your house, then let them some space to gardening too. Teach them how to dig soil, hole, and add fertilizer and planning.

Spend time with the plants, make them grow flower/fruits will show them how to work hard for getting the best result in their life. It is an everyday job which also makes them discipline.

Like watering plant time to time, apply fertilizer, keep the plants away from troubles like pests, insects, etc. gardening also grow a feeling on natures which makes them more subtle, caring and discipline

5. Cooking:


Kids more or less like to cook or bake. That is why when moms are busy on cooking they like to keep a hand on cutting, mixing or stirring the food. However, cooking is a hard and risky job for kids. They could hurt themselves if you pay enough attention while they are cooking.

So when they are in the kitchen keep any eye on them. However, before that, brief them about the preparation of the food, like, the ingredients, quality, cookeries, and preparation time.

Cooking backing would be great fun to spend an evening or morning to prepare food for rest of the family. Also, they will become your future helping hand on making food in next time.

6. Crafts making paper dolls:

This is an easy crafting for all edge of kids. They can make it from newspaper, books or draw by their selves. The paper dolls are a different kind of figures like a cartoon, real people, etc. for example, drawing in some cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Oggy or Hulk in medium sizes and cut them in their size.

Now take some hard paper or cork sheet, and cut them into the same size. Now attach your figure and cutting sheet altogether, your dolls are ready to play.

You can make them with real photographs also. No, you do not need to ruin your family albums. Just use your old picture from PC or take some new photos of your family members. Print the photos on A4 size sheet and cut them with scissors or craft knives and play

7. Watching movies:

Watching movies

Watching movies or play is not the only favorite among adults; kids are like to watch movies going in the theater. Maybe that is the reason nowadays children movies both animation of fictions is raised compare than other films. Even you also spend your childhood watching movies like chendralla, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, etc.

these child films are a great source to enlarge your imaginations. They will lose a different world of fantasy and be a part of it is in their mind. You can take them into the theater, or you all can enjoy films together in house including some popcorn.

Final through:

These are not only summer ideas that they can only don in vacation, but there are also lots more to have fun with. However, those we discuss shortly are the best to enjoy by an individual or in groups.

Parents get very few times in their life to pass with their children, so why would miss this just by works this time, which will never come back. Your son or daughter who is now only five years old she/he will never get back this stage again next year.

So, make every moment special and the process by all these summer holiday activities Ideas for kids and enjoy every minute of your parenthood and let them enjoy their childhood.

  • March 1, 2017
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