Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers Reviews

Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers Reviews

Give you baby an exercise port-a stand which is perfect for enjoying too, like the Jolly Jumper on a stand for Rockers.

This baby jumper is efficient for every pre-walking kid. It helps them to develop their balance and rhythm and the growth of muscles.

It ensures a firm supports to their body especially the spine, so the posture will remain upright and the bone development correct.

The baby jumper is also easy to move anywhere because of its convenient portability. So your child can enjoy every corner of your house with all the family members.

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Develop body coordination:

The Jolly Jumper helps to improve your baby’s body coordination. When baby used to jump off a rocker unconscious, or consciously he tries to balance his legs to stand right, use his hand and to hold the straps for balance and use the eye to see around him.

All these things help him to develop body coordination eventually. So he learns to walk better and run better in future.

Easy to move:

The Jolly Jumper has content portability to move anywhere. With the stand and harness, it Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers Reviewsseems little huge but still its light weight to moves anywhere.

This rocker is only 11 pounds where other stand jumpers are double of this weight. However, you can place it any corner of your house including the bedroom, balcony, porch, garden, terrace, etc.

so your baby will not bound in just one place for playing. Also unlike the sand jumpers, it does not get dirty just having a little bit of dust.

If you are planning to move it in outside of the home, be careful about providing a landing surface or put on shoes to your baby’s feet.

Proper harness:

It is important for any jumper to support baby’s body, especially the back. Because kids under three month do not have developed neck muscles to support their head stand.

Moreover, the Jolly Jumper on a stand for Rockers is perfect for the body support. It is very springy and allows comfy harness. That means for longer use the jumper will not cause any permanent harm to their bones.

Maximum weight and age limit

This jumper can be used for 3 to 11 months long until your baby grows 28 lbs. Most of the stand or doorway jumpers offer maximum 25/26 lbs as weight limits. That means your child can enjoy it for more time.

Comfortable to use

This jumper is very comfortable to use. It has a polyester seat, firm Spin support which makes it more relax to use for longer time.

Also, you can adjust the strip as your infant’s height. So every month he grows, he can enjoy his playing with proper height without any discomfort.

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  • Provides good spine support.
  • Helps to improve leg and neck muscles.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Comfy harness.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Develop hand, eye and leg coordination.


  • Require plenty of space to set it up.
  • No landing pads included.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S):

Q: I heard about some difficulties occurred during on/off the baby from the jumper?

A: You may find in little difficulty to take in or out the baby. However, if you hold the baby and then take him in/out from the jumper, that will be easier to avoid this kind of problem.

Q: Can I use it any of my doorways?

A: No, it cannot be utilized in any doorways; you should follow its default settings with the stand.

Q: Does it come with another color or design?

A: Another blue color with the same design is available, but you have to mention the color during the purchasing order.

Final Verdict

It will be a great companion for your baby to keep him busy and for you of course. Your baby will enjoy the jumping and play whenever he is in of this jumper.

Moreover, you will relax to keep him safe, sound and busy for some moment. Let him be with this jumper so you can busy with other works or get relaxed for sometimes.

So for the best baby player and exercise you can choose the Jolly Jumper on a stand for Rockers reviews.

  • December 6, 2016
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