IS Olive Oil, Baby Oil, Coconut Oil Safe For Your Baby

Lots of parents are often asked about one simple question, is olive oil, coconut oil, baby oil is safe for their baby or not. Baby’s skin is very delicate which can be damage by using random oil, lotion or moisturizer if all these are not suitable for infant skin.

Most of moms and dads want to find out the perfect product that could hydrate their baby’s skin and gives a smoother look and soft feel. That is the reason all the supermarket and other shops are full with the baby product including the baby oil, olive and coconut oil.

Oil Safe For Your Baby

Olive and coconut oils are a good source of vitamin E and its ideal for skin and hair. However, does it work equally great on baby skin same as the adult skin and hair?

Many people including some skin specialist not recommended any use of baby oil in the baby skin. Because it can cause irritation, eczema and some other problems due to the sensitive skin structure. However, is some condition like in winter your child need to extra nourishment for their skin.

Moreover, newborns always have dry flakey dry skin, and it is like they need to peel off a layer and start over again.  It is a temporary thing, but in some cases, it can lead to cracks. In these conditions, parents are worried about how to moisturize the skin and what will be safer more.

Can baby oil be safely used for baby skin?

In simple word, baby oil is safe as long as they are made with the natural organic ingredients, otherwise, not. So Can baby oil be safely used for baby skinknowing about the component of the baby oil is necessary because it helps you to determine whether is safe or harmful.

Usually, this type of oil made from refining petroleum, which called mineral oil. It’s a cheap and available byproduct so many companies use it for making baby oils.

Another familiar element of baby oil that can be found in baby oil is the fragrance and most cases they are made with artificial chemicals. The reason behind using this component is to create a pleasing aroma of the oil, nothing else.

However, some of the baby oils are made or organic nutritive oils which come from cold-pressed natural botanical sources. Some selected plants, grain, and vegetables are used for the nutritive oils.

However, usually they do not need any artificial fragrances, their own delicate scent is enough to create those pleasing aroma. But how much this organic/ artificial ingredient mix baby oil is safe for your child skin? Well, may you will find some satisfied answer below.

Some benefits of using nutritive organic baby oil:

Your child will enjoy some different health benefits depending on what oil you are going to use. If it’s the nutritive organic baby oil, then the possibility of skin nourishment and smoothness is high. But the mineral bases baby oil can cases irritations, rash, etc. So, use the 100% organic nutritive baby oil to get following benefits.

  • To get the soft and healthy skin.
  • The better result on body massage.
  • Soothing child’s sensitive skin.
  • Lighten up the skin complexion.

Because of the mineral oil is a byproduct of the distillation of petroleum to create gasoline, it cannot be the beneficiary as like the nutritive oils.

It may use to help the skin retain water in the past, but in present time experts suggest to avoid these types of oil for any skin especially for baby skin.

Also, there are some other kinds of baby oil which widely uses mineral oil including the natural essence of almond, aloe vera, etc.

but don’t fool you by reading these natural ingredient names only. Still, there is the mineral oil remain which contain wit carcinogens and toxic. Even the pure petroleum refined oils are containing with hydrocarbon which could contaminate the body.

What about the Coconut and Olive Oils?

These are natural ingredients and enrich with vitamin E and other nutrition elements when can improve the skin structure. Not only all these two ingredients some other ingredients like sunflower, almond oil, grasped oil are also great for skin.

But, some ingredients like olive oil, cocoa butter or sesame oil, etc. aren’t suitable for the baby skin as well. These oils are bit heavy than other oils so they can block baby’s spores and create irritation, rash, etc. On the other hand, coconut oil or coconut oil base products are great for moisturizing your baby skin.

Also, the plan-based or any vegetable oils, sunflower, safflower and grapeseed oil are safe, readily absorbed oil for baby’s’ sensitive skin.

Final thoughts:

So, it’s better to learn about all the ingredients that your Baby oil contains. That will indicate you to the better oil for use to the baby skin.

For newborns or the toddlers it better to use baby oil rather than lotions or anything to hydrate the skin. So, use 100% pure nutritive and organic baby oil to moisturize your child skin.

They are safe and useful for lock the skin moisturizes for hours. So, next time if you have been asked is baby oil is safe for baby skin- you will know the answer from now.

  • February 7, 2017
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