Difficult Babies That Just Will Not Sleep

Difficult Babies That Just Will Not Sleep

Although parents are always very conscious about their child rearing, sometimes they just could not make it happened easily. Because kids all over the world do not belong to same typology, some of them are really not good sleepers they do not sleep 6 hours in one day at a time.

It is not good news, but expertise referred them as “difficult babies.” Those babies who sleep more than 6 hours happily throughout the night, they do not belong to this group.

Experts find out some symptoms that notify whereas your baby is ‘difficult or not. Here are some of them:-

  • Babies who woke up as soon as they put down
  • Constantly restless while sleeping
  • Wants to feed every time he wakes up and still won’t sleep because of overeating.

The fact is ‘why some babies are not good sleepers despite having all facilities’ is a hard question to answer. However, I think, it is not a mysterious fact, because human species are not same all over the world, not even all over a country; so naturally, babies would not be same all over the world.

Actually, our species are made of rich and diversified genetic mixing, so babies do not hold genes from their parents, rather they are carrying genes from their ancestors from hundreds of years ago.

I am not saying that a ‘good sleepers’ parents can get a ‘good sleeping baby’ even a ‘bad sleeper baby’ can come to their lives. So, there is no causal effect relationship which can identify what the cause is and what is not. Just Will Not Sleep

Because there is no mistake that can cause a baby’s bad sleeping or nothing is like to fix that may make them quite and sound sleepers. I feel that like some people are of different typology, babies are also of different sleeping requirement.

When we look back at the ancient time, we can see that the child rearing of ancient women is not like today’s world. People were living in cave cohabitation with wild animals, so babies are safe in mum’s hand.

The babies who sleep for a long time they get a little food and little attention. That was a time of survival; everyone is busy to fulfill their own need even if it were baby’s parents. So, the babies who are quiet and do sleep they get less protection from their parents, even if they got caught by a lion.

Today’s world is forwarding, and moms do not get enough time to worry about their baby’s sleeping. However, experts found it as a problem in the long run of a baby’s life.

Because sometimes parents attitude towards ‘difficult babies’ put them into serious sociological problem. Some of them are mentioning below:-

  • Some parents put the babies into other room which are distant enough from theirs, and that is how when they awake and cried out in night that sound cannot hamper parents’ sleeping.
  • Some use drugs like ‘Phenergan,’ but experts suggest not applying them on kid’s body. It may cause ‘significant risk’ to baby’s physiological and physical health. I know some medical persons recommend that using drugs for baby’s body is not harmful to But

It is so unfortunate that despite realizing that these activities are so harmful to babies’ health, we cannot find out a perfect solution to get rid off from this problem. However, few suggestions are here which may prove useful:-

  • Ailments like wind, heartburn, and reflux with are needed to be fixed. It is good to apply medicine to baby’s health after consulting with a pediatrician.
  • Raising the head of baby’s bed a little may cause them to a good and non-disturbing sleeping.
  • Babies should be kept dry and comfortable. If babies are in wet dress, it may catch cold or unease for them. So usually at night when parents are not aware of changing baby’s diaper, they wake up or pass a very disturbing sleepless night.
  • Try to make air temperature into various degrees according to baby’s comfort and make sure of availability of enough number of blankets and crib sheets. Usually, in night, the temperature of the weather has been changed time to time. Babies can feel that because their tender and sensible skin, so to make the temperature comfortable to them is parent’s important duty.
  • Kids need to be stimulated during the day time and let them engaged with new activities and experiences like swimming, playing in groups, walking in the pram, singing and dancing to music, watching televisions and talk to them all the time.
  • Parents should make their babies used to with daylight (not direct sunlight). When kids play in bright environment they can differentiate between daylight and night; and if they get busy in daylight, automatically they get tired when night comes.
  • The rooms where the babies are going to sleep are needed to be dark at night, because exposure to light may keep them awake late night. If any parent wants to make his baby sleep at day, then they should make baby’s room dark with curtain and shut the windows as the daylight could not enter into the room.
  • Sometimes babies are not feeling sleepy at all and then pressurizing them for sleeping only caused frustration. So in that case, most of the parents make them used to watch Continuously watching television may make them tired and feel asleep.
  • Babies can sense parents’ stresses and frustration. So when his parent is frustrated, they feel unease, and it becomes harder for him to sleep quietly. Experts suggest that parents should spend more quality time with their babies and it will relax both the baby and his parents.
  • A good night sleep is important for both of babies and parents. Only parents will know how to handle their children. Moreover, when it works, it does not matter what other is thinking; it’s all about a relationship between children and parents. Parents cannot avoid their children; they have to be engaged with their children as much as they can.

Although our modern life does not give us enough time that we spend quality time with our babies. However, to ignore them at their young age can cause to a harmful result in future.

We cannot go against ‘genetics’ and ‘instincts,’ which are prevailed for thousands of years, but we can suggest some advice through which parents can get a way to solve their problem. It is important to note that, today’s babies are our future and how do we treat them today they will be like that in future.

Because, babies are like clay, parent’s nurture, environment and peer group shape their habituate, their aims in life. A convenient baby can be a successful adult.

Finally, I want to end up with this; every baby has been born in a different environment. So, nurturing pattern of them would not be common all over the world. I want to mention that, every parent knows how to handle his baby it needs just a little bit caring and love.

Of course, there are many ways more than we suggested here, but we need to keep it mind that, every baby is different in his own way, so we have to adopt more than thousands of ways to keep pace with them.


  • March 29, 2017
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