Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing reviews

Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing reviews

Give your little one something special, like the Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing.

This swing designed with Cozy Kingdom style which surrounds your baby in a plush kingdom of luxurious fabrics and adorable elephant and lion.

It specially designed to fold in a snap for travel or keep it in storage easily. Its unique True Speed technology maintains six consistent speed as the baby grows bigger.

It can play six different melodious sounds with natural volume system. Also, it provides two separate options to recline the position of the seat.

However, you can set the timer so you can use it for stop the swing even you are not around there.

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Fun toys with toy bar:

To keep your child cheerful, the Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing has two different colorful toys to play.

The cute red lion and soothing green elephant look really nice on the gray color background. The toys are hanging from a multicolored toy bar which is covered by foam. So the babies do not hurt themselves during play.

Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing reviews

Six swing speed mode:

Usually, the Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing turns on its settled mode. Besides, it has six different speeds setting so you can manually adjust as your need. Typically, babies get weight and height within a short time.

So the normal speed may not work well for them. As the baby grows, the speed needs to be set higher. Moreover, you have the choice to adjust the speed easily with this swing.

Easy washable seat:

You can easily remove the seat pad for cleaning or washing it. The seat pad can be washable both hand and machine just by the use of mild detergent.

So the maintenance or cleaning procedure of Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing is very easy and can be completed within a minimal time.

Easy to carry anywhere:

The Comfort and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing comes in a portable size. So you can quickly pack it is in small size and carry it anywhere you need.

This swing is handy so anybody can pick his or her baby’s favorite swing for the vacation.

WhisperQuite Technology:Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

The swing can provide melodious songs, but it also takes care of silence.

That means whenever you are going to adjust the volume of the seat position; it will not disturb his/her sleep or attention.

Its WhisperQuite Technology value baby is precious sleeping time and won’t let the Comfort, and Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing’s motor bothers anyone around the room.

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  • Soft and cozy seat.
  • Six-speed setting modes.
  • The seat can be reclining in two positions.
  • Easy removable head post.
  • Six different melodious sounds with volume control.
  • Strong and stable body frame.
  • Contain with two colorful toys.


  • The head rest is little high for newborns.
  • Poor assembly manual, no detail written instruction, only images.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Q: Is the swing is much more than a stand or door jumper in weight?

A: Not really. This jumper is only 10 pound in weight. Usually, a ground base jumper is a lot more than this weight.

Q: I would like to buy this for my five-month-old baby boy, is the swing is for boy and girls both or not?

A: The description says, the targeted gender for the swing is baby girls, but it is still ideal for baby boys too, I also bought one for my youngest boy too.

Q: The swing seems small to me; can I keep it onto my table too?

A: If your table is wide and you are next to the table then yes, you can hold it onto the table with the baby. Otherwise, it is better to place on the ground.


Technically it is not a jumper it is a baby swing that cradles your baby for hrs and hrs. Its compact design is perfect for comfort and entertainment.

Your newborn baby or baby who’s weight between 5.5 to 30 pounds can easily enjoy this swing. It is completely safe and really enjoyable.

It will keep your child engage, calm and help to fall in sleep. So for the best entertainment and support bring home Comfort & Harmony’s Portable Swing in the Cozy Kingdom reviews today.

  • December 7, 2016
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