How do I choose best baby jumpers?

baby-jumperHow do I choose the best baby jumper for my kids, most of the moms of my daycare center often asked me this question? I was a child supervisor of my local day care center in California, and later I started my own.

From my previous experience, and lots of research on some particular types and brands of baby jumpers lead me to have a bunch of great kid jumper in my day care center. Moreover, till now they are performing well for my kids.

I have one luxury about choosing the best baby jumper that I can experiment with lots of different types of jumper for all the kids here. If one does not work out for a kid, we can try another one. However, moms in the house do not have this facility.

That is why today I am going to share all my experience and the available options for the kid jumper with you in here. So my friends read on to learn everything you need to know about baby jumpers and how to choose the best one.

What is the purpose of having the best baby jumper?

The primary purpose of having a jumper is too active your baby mentally and physically. It helps to strength their leg muscles, improve body coordination and so on.

Parents often concern about some of these questions before going to choose the best baby jumper for their child. Such as,

What is the age limit for using a jumper?

Nowadays, manufacturers put the age limit, height and weight for their particular model of jumpers. Besides, you can decide yourself when you are confident about that your kid can hold his head without any assistance. This is the time or age to try a jumper for any kid.

Jumper help to develop baby’s leg muscles- myth or reality?

There is a myth about the baby jumpers that, it contributes to improving baby’s leg muscles and also their motor coordination. However, many experts said that it could delay their walking. So, they recommended to using a jumper for 20 minutes in a day.

Whereas many mothers say using a jumper was beneficiary for their baby. It kept them delighted, and they learn to walk in time without facing any problem. So ultimately it is up to you that which decision you want to make for your baby’s seek.

What is the difference between Jumpers, swings, and bouncers?

A baby jumper bounces up and down while your kid kicks off the ground, but the bounces move according to the kid’s wiggly movement in the seat. Moreover, the baby swing is like the normal swing; it is swing back and fronts without the need of pushing the ground.

The verity of baby jumpers:

Baby jumpers come with three different verities. Like,

Stationary Jumper- The stationary jumpers are simple toy including a seat, elastic cord, and frame. It does not come with any amusement features.

Stationary Activity Jumper- This jumper is the improve version of regular statuary jumper comes with lots of toys, a seat, an elastic, cord, frame, etc. they kept the option open of playing if your baby gets tired from bouncing.

Doorway Jumper- The name is saying you need doorways to set the jumper. It is made up of a seat suspended from straps Make attach to a spring or cable. Moreover, the other end of the flexible cable is a clamp that attaches to your door frame. These jumpers are come with or without any toys.

How to choose the best baby jumper?

For lots of variation and characteristic of a child, jumper makes the selecting or buying little difficult to anyone. So I Are-Baby-Jumpershave sorted some key features that you need concern while shopping for your ideal baby jumper. Have a look below.

Weight limit:

All the jumpers come into particular weight limit. So, check that the weight limit is going with your baby’s’ weight. It is better to go for the max level of weight so it could be usable for a long time even for your future child, or others.


The seat of a baby jumper should be comfortable and better be removable. Also if it has the height adjustment feature, it will add more flexibility for growing babies. The padded or non-padded seat is up to your chose. However, padded seats are good for coziness.


Having a jumper with additional suspenders is good. Besides than the single elastic straps look for that jumper which has 2 or more elastic straps to avoid injuries and to provide a secure bounce.

Adjust ability:

Most of the baby jumper offers height adjustability option. Beside the seat, the straps could be height adjustable.

Amusement features:

Toys, lights, and sounds are included in many jumpers which are ideal for entertaining a kid, besides jumping. Its engage them hours and encourage them to makes moves or play.

Final thoughts:

Actives babies sleep better at nights, many parents agree on this concept. A jumper helps to spend baby’s excessive energy, so he eats better and also sleeps batter.

Beside of that, it makes them laugh, cheerful, curious and happy. So considering all those facts choose the best baby jumper for your little champ and make his play time more fun and blissful.

  • March 2, 2017
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