Best Baby Walkers Reviews 2017 With Buying Guide

Best Baby WalkersIn this article, I am going to discuss all 15 Best Baby Walkers including a definitive buying guide, so you can find the Perfect baby Walker, you are looking for.

We all know baby walker is a fun and exciting way to keep your child entertain and busy for hours. Of course, I did not forget about the health part. A Walker also helps on a safe and good development of baby’s heath, which also depends on how you are utilizing it.

So, before going to read about all these top rated baby walker reviews let’s know some facts first.

Benefits Of A Baby Walker:

Baby walkers do have both positive and negative sides to use. Using a baby walker for a long time, every day could slower their walking. They become dependent on this support, which may cause delay to solo walking.

However, this is not a final statement and neither the benefits. So make your own judgments anyway. However, upon most of the user’s experience, we have listed these benefits of best baby walkers below, have a look.

Entertainment Value: Having a baby walker is fun and entertaining for any kid. They come with toys, tray area for snakes, wheels to get around, etc. Even the lights or musical option are great things of entertainment.So, the best seller baby walker is and AL-in-all play center for the children.

Pre-walking Tool: Since the child learns to hold up his neck and head, he always tries to hold up himself upright. In this point, a baby walker can help a lot. It helps them to walk and develop their leg muscles.

Exploration: It works a new stimulation for the kid. It gives them the mobility to go anywhere and play. They could move one place to another without asking for a help/assistance.

Health: Another benefit of having a walker is, it make the child exercise while playing. Also, it helps him to grow better motor skills like how to

Best Baby Walkers

balance/control his leg and hands for walking.

Some Extra Benefits of Having Baby Walkers:

There are so many benefits of having a baby jumper, and you cannot deny them at all. First of all, it is give them the freedom to move one pace to

another, explore the world around him.

Second, of all, a walker allows them to exercise a bit. It allows them work off some of their energy and also helps them up for walking. However, you will found some baby jumpers that offer multiple activities.

Like, they could be used as a high chair or strollers. Finally, they come with sounds, musical option, and multiple toys for playing. They entertain your baby and engage him for hrs. So, you got the chance of having some alone time to pay attention to other things.

Why you need a Best baby walkers?

For a kid, learning walking is so important for his physical and mental health. It leads them to independence, exploration, and learning. Also, it helps them to socialize and participate in home and a community lifespan.

For the families, walking is a sign that their baby is developing and healthy and also relieves the physical burden of having to carry or wheel their child anywhere. Moreover, on these factors, the editor’s choice baby walker can help you a lot.

It supports your kid to stand upright, learn to walk. Also, some walkers do offer some educational stuff like, learning colors, shape, objects, etc. so basically it is a useful thing that works for both mental and physical health.

Safety 1st Sounds ‘m Lights Discovery Walker, Dino Reviews:

Safety 1st Sounds 'm Lights Discovery Walker, Dino

Keep entertain your little one with the Safety 1st Sounds ‘m Lights Discovery Walker. This baby walker has five different dinosaur themed toys with the sounds and light effects.

It is very sturdy to use anywhere so the baby could use it as a bumper car! Its hard plastic allows the walker survive from any scratch or bump into. Also, it has padded seat which is really easy to maintain.

You can wipe down the front and throw the seat washing machine to clean. Besides, it is different height adjustment levels allowed him to use it for a while as the kid grows.


  1. Dinosaur themed toys with sounds and lights.
  2. Three height adjusting facility.
  3. Comfortable machine washable padded seat.
  4. The grip strips decrease movement on the uneven surface.
  5. Minimum & maximum weight recommendations- 19.8 to 30.9 lbs.


The walker folds easily, without giving any trouble. Also, it could be easily used on the rug including other types of flooring. The tray space is easily detachable along with the toys.


The leg holes seem little tight when a baby sit in.  If the child figure out how to stand or move around, it will not bother anymore

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Best Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie Review:

Best Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie Review

You will love everything about this best baby walkers. The Joovy Spoon Walker is a good combination of safety and quality. It’s made with heavy duty yet comfortable Materials that provide safety and support with contented way.

The design of the jumper is simple, colored with plain white color with a splash of any bright color, like this one is olive green.The seat is padded so cozy to use for a long time. Also, it is machine washable. So you are out of cleaning hassle to wash it.


  1. Super-sized tray with removable insert.
  2. Its broad base ensures safety.
  3. Comfortable and supportive seat pad.
  4. Non-slip stair pads.
  5. Folds flat easily for travel and storage.


The tray is huge compared than any other walkers, and you can use it for play or feeding. Even with the big size, it is easy to clean, just remove the insert of the tray and put it in the dishwasher.

You can easily fold it for storage and the most important fact; it has a broad base with non-slip stair pads so your baby can be safe from any incidents that could hurt him.


Height adjustment setting is easy to change but hard to turn back. Yu have to give little more effort to make changes to the height settings.

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Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Happy Orange review:

Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Happy Orange review

With other additional features, the Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center has a unique feature that may not found any other brand of the baby walker. It features a hookup for your MP3 player or Smartphone.

It is locking player storage tray keep the electronic device safety out of the baby reach. All these allow you to play customize songs, music as you or your child like.

However, if you want, you can remove it from the tray for using as a standalone toy. Moreover, the walker can be quickly converted from walker to stationary center.


  1. Made of nylon, steel, and plastic materials.
  2. Includes Mp3 hook-up for tunes on the go.
  3. Can be converted from a walker to a stationary activity center.
  4. The comfortable padded seat which removable and machine washable.
  5. Easy fordable.


It is an easy fold able and easily to use a walker. It has padded seat which is removable and can be washed in the machine. Also, comes with height adjusting, brake pads, bumper guard and may other features.


It seems like the tiny babies. So, if your child is more than 26 lbs, the jumper is not for him.

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Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Activity Walker reviews:

Safety 1st Sounds 'n Lights Activity Walker reviews

Here is another best jumper with lots of cool features. The Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Activity Walker could provide a great entertainment of your baby’s life. It is safe, sturdy and comfortable to use.

It comes with an enormous fun pack like five different toys to play, music, sounds and light while the toys move. Also, the jumper can play more than 12 different songs to entertain him.

Besides you can use it any floors and folds in half for storage of travel with. Babies from 19.8-30.9 lbs can easily use this Most popular baby walker.


  1. A detachable activity tray and folding frame.
  2. Five toys include with music, 12 different songs, light, etc.
  3. Its heights are
  4. Removable machine washable seat pad.
  5. Grip strips reduce movement on the uneven surface.


It comes with height adjusting and easy maintenance facility along with lots of song choosing option. Overall it is a comfortable and durable product.


It is much better with taller babies rather than the petit babies, even with the height adjusting option.

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Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker, Splash reviews:

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker, Splash reviews

Here is another recommended baby walker from Chicco. The Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker is a classy and trendy baby walker that you may look for. Its padded seat and rounded lines give a comfortable ride to your child.

Moreover, its six brake pads help the walker from fall off stairs. Its three height adjusting features allow the walker to grow with your little one.

For the fun and entertainment, it has a keyboard, drums, button consisting DJ tray along with the lights, sounds, and rattle.


  1. Comfortable pad.
  2. Easily foldable walker.
  3. Easy to wash and store.
  4. Promotes health and mental development with music and rhythm.
  5. Brake pads to help prevent falls on stairs


The walker is easy for storage. You can fold it easily to make it half in size. It is easy to take with travel and also machine washable. For the strength, safety and versatility it is one of the best walkers among others.


Due to lots of high-quality materials and features, it comes with a little extended price. The Walker may expensive but worth the price.

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Big Oshi 2 in 1 Baby Activity Walker and Rocker reviews:

Big Oshi 2 in 1 Baby Activity Walker and Rocker reviews

Have this double action walker that could change into the walker from rocker less than one minute. The Big Oshi 2 in 1 Baby Activity Walker and Rocker has the perfect adjusting high back seat and foldable base.

The seat is great for supporting the baby’s back and great comfort. Also, it has toy/music tray which is removable to play on floors.


  1. Double function rocker and walker.
  2. Adjustable seat with safety buttons.
  3. High back seat for extra support.
  4. The foldable base for storage/travel.
  5. Soft, removable and washable seat.


The walker is easy to travel and store with including its new toys and music tray. Moreover, it is easily washable seat is also cozy to sit for a long time.


The Walker is little slow on carpet and rugs.

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Disney Music and Lights Walker, Pink reviews:

Disney Music and Lights Walker, Pink reviews

Gift your angel a lovely pink baby walker like the Disney Music and Lights Walker. The Walker is really adorable to look and also offers plenty of fun for your sweet baby.

Its sturdy wheels work on wooden floors and carpet equally great. Its grip strips reduce walker movement on the uneven surface as well.

Besides, it has an oversized tray that features some Disney character which will make your child fall in love! The conveniently swing open to reveal a snack tray from the play tray which is perfect for little sneak treats or adding some toys.


  1. Comes with an extra-large tray include a snack tray.
  2. Machine washable padded seat.
  3. Cute and adorable design.
  4. Sturdy wheels allow using the walker all types of floor.
  5. Maximum weight capacity 30 lbs.


The walker is safe and easy to put together. With all the ease cleaning, foldable facility, etc. another important factor about the Walker is, you can open up the toy train to have the food tray without fully removing it.

Just pull the little tabs on the bottom to release the tray, that’s it. Removing the tray is like learning A-B-C!


The Walker seems little tall. It better goes with taller babies.

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Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker, Red review:

Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker, Red review

If you are looking for something absolute coolest walker for your loving adventure baby, then Combi Ferrari F1 Baby Walker will be a great option for him.

This Ferrari fashion Walker is just like the smallest version of Enzo Ferrier with the steering wheel, horn, and wheels and so on.


  1. Comes with removable vibrating activity center with lights, sounds, horn and steering wheel.
  2. Full sized snack tray.
  3. Pads seat cover.
  4. Easy to clean and require less maintaining.
  5. Foldable for storage and travel.


It is best going the impression of the acting cars with vibration activity center. This activity center has lights, sounds, steering wheel and horn.

So when the kid plays with the walker or all these stuff, they will enjoy every moment of being a racer.

Also, the Walker is comfortable, safe and easy to clean as well. You can sue it for your carpeted, tile or wooden floor without facing any problem.


The wheel does not come with locks for stairs. So you should be careful so baby cannot go near the stairs.

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Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer review:

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer review

This unique walker is a great combination of fun and features. The Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker has the elliptical frame that provides a strong and sturdy platform and several types of enriching entertainments options.

With the steering wheel and loops for the baby’s new toys, your little one will be happily entertained. The steering wheel also works for activates lights and ocean sounds.

You can detach the platform so he can play with them on the floors quickly. Also, it can be usable as a snack tray as well. The seat of the walker comes with extra high back support and also quickly to clean facilities. Just wipe it out and its ready to use again.


  1. Designed with oval frame for a sturdy platform.
  2. Removable toy station for play on floor or bed.
  3. Steering wheel activities lights and fun ocean sounds.
  4. Two link loops for adding baby’s favorite toys.
  5. Beautiful and colorful ocean-themed design and toys.


The Walker is comfortable and also comes with height adjusting positions. All its toys, lights, and sounds are created for engaging the baby for a long time without getting boarded. Also, you can change the height with straps on the back of the mesh seat.


The front and back wheels only can move forward or backward; they could not move or spin around on their axis. Which make trying to move all around the room.

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Dream on Me Melody Musical Walker, Pink reviews:

Dream on Me Melody Musical Walker, Pink reviews

Learning to walk is an exciting time for any baby and a dream for any parents. The Dream on Me Melody Musical Walker can make this dream comes true.

This walker comes with lots of features like child’s tray, three different height adjustments, removable and washable seat pad and lots more. You can easily fold the walker for storing it anywhere of your room.

With this walker, your baby needs to sit upright without assistance. So kid between 15- 30 lbs can use the walker. Furthermore, the Walker is certified by CPSC.


  1. Three height adjustment position.
  2. Fold easily for storage or travel.
  3. Removable and washable seat.
  4. Heavy duty plastic made front and back wheels.
  5. Weight/height limit- up to 30 lbs and 32 inches.


The walker comes with three adjusting height position, toys, melodies and other feature. All these can keep your baby entertain for a long time. Moreover, their freedom of walking with a walker is enormous.


The Walker is little tricky to use on carpets.

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Dream on Me Shuffle Musical Walker, Red reviews:

Dream on Me Shuffle Musical Walker, Red reviews

If you are looking for any walker for your taller and heavier baby, then the Dream on Me Shuffle Musical Walker will be best appropriate for your child. It is looked very cute, includes light, sounds, and height adjusting facilities.


  1. Features child is tray with some additional toys.
  2. Removable and washable pad.
  3. Folds in a snap for easy storage or travel.
  4. Comes with plastic stoppers on the wheel.
  5. Weight limit- up to 30 lbs.


Easy to assemble, fold and wash. Also, goes with any floors to walk and fun to play with the toys.


It does not swivel as like the other Top baby walkers.

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Disney Little Racer 2-In-1 Walker, Cars review:

Disney Little Racer 2-In-1 Walker, Cars review

Get ready to win the Piston Cup on the Cars premiers with Disney Little Racer 2-In-1 Walker. The walker comes with the “Car” theme. So you baby can enjoy racing with ‘Meter,’ ‘McQueen’ and his other buddies.

Also, it features an electronic steering wheel that activates lights, music and fun racing sounds. The toy station of the Walker could be easily removable so your baby can play on the floor or bed if he likes.


  1. Work as both Walker and a stroller.
  2. Detachable toy station for floor play.
  3. Steering wheel activities lights, songs, and fun racing sounds.
  4. High back padded seat with additional support.
  5. The toy tray is easily cleanable.


The jumper takes very little time to put together. Its silicon pads on the bottom allow the walker to roll on the carpet. Moreover, it is good with the tile or hard flooring as well. Also, the removable activity centers also a great option play for babies.


The Walker is not foldable even it was in the adv.

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Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker reviews:

Delta Children Lil' Drive Baby Activity Walker reviews

Give your little racer fun and active Top Rated baby walker like the Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker. This walker comes with height adjustability option, removable toy tray, lights, sounds and also a steering wheel.

It is a colorful car themed walking station with gear shifter fosters a playful and stimulating environment for your growing little one. If your kid can sit up on his own then he is fit for the walker.

For running the electronic toys and horn, you just need two extra AA batteries. Otherwise, it requires very low maintenance to clean. Moreover, you can easily fold the walker to store it anywhere or travel with it.


  1. Comes with detachable toy tray.
  2. Three height adjustment positions.
  3. An electronic tray with multiple interactive lights and sounds.
  4. Meets up ASTM/CPSC standard and JPMA certification.
  5. Maximum weight recommendation- 25lbs.


Look cure and the steering wheel and gear shifts sound also very fun to play. Also, the padded seat is very comfortable to seat for long time.


It may leave marks while rolling on wooden floors sometimes.

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Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker :

Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker

This Top rated baby walker is ideal for boy and girls and also comes with lots of features and facility. Like, it has three heights adjustable seat, plenty of toys, light and sounds option. All are themed with the Disney animation movie “Cars.”

They have added the lightening McQueen, the meter on the toy tray also. The toy tray is full enough to play, add more toys. Even you can use it as a snack bar too.

However, the Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker is easy to use, storage and travel also. If your child is below then 30lbs and 32”, you can consider using this recommended baby walker.


  1. Consist with Sturdy wheels and grip straps.
  2. McQueen themed spinning wheel, tether, toys, lights, and sounds.
  3. Machine washable seat cover.
  4. Swivel front and back wheels.
  5. Easy foldable for storage and travel.


The Walker has height adjustable and comfortable seat. So it goes with the flow as your baby grows. Also, its chubby tether is a great option for those babies whose baby-tooth are just come out or about to come.


The toys are bit easy, and some of they come off quickly.

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Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink:

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink

The Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer is unisex Top baby walker allows your kid to stand, jump and explore with fun the world around. The Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer has a three-position height adjustment and function as Walker.

It also a walker with lockable jumper features. Its electric tray features fun sounds, lights, mirror, and toys to entertain and stimulate your child. Your kid is going love this cute and colorful walker which also comes with car hood.

You can also remove the hood is necessary to create a large tray surface for food, snack or beverage.


  1. The seat is made with 100% Polyurethane foam.
  2. Three height adjusting position.
  3. Durable and well-griped swivel wheels.
  4. Runs on 2 AA batteries.
  5. Weight limit- 30 lbs.


The walker is easy to put together and fun to play especially the jumper feature. Also, it has lots of toys to play and comes with height adjusting facility.


The wheels of the car seem bit cheap due to its quality and don’t roll well on the carpet.

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What to Look for in Baby Walkers?

In simple words, the best baby walkers needs to be safe and comfortable. After all, it is for the most delicate also complicated thing, the baby of the world. Moreover, he is going to use it is for a quite a time in his lifespan.

If you have selected a walker from my above collection or anywhere else look for the presence of these listed below things. The Most Popular baby walker should have.

What to Look for in Baby Walkers

Safety features:

A walker gives them the freedom to move, so the most important thing while choosing a baby walker is judging the safety. It is better to go for a walker with board base. It will stop them to venturing place like stairs, near the furniture’s, lower cabinets, etc.

also if your walker has anti-slipping pads or wheels and a speed reducer. It will allow reducing extra speed and walking on any floors.


The amusement futures are like toys, lights, musical or sound effects and shape/textures, etc. when your baby gets tired of walking, he could play with these things. It will engage them and helps to learn the coordination of eyes, ears, neck, head, hand, etc.

Adaptability features:

Adaptability is another important option for choosing the Perfect baby walker. As you know, babies are growing first. So look for the Most baby walker that has a comfortable seat pad with height adjusting facility.

Consequently, when you need, you can adjust the height. Also, if you are going to buy a walker that has a removable pad, then it will be more ergonomic. An easy washable, especially a machine-washable seat can lessen your cleaning hassles.


Many walkers come with the soft seat but without any seat pad. It is better to have those walkers that consist with soft seat pad. It provides maximum comfort that allows seating the baby for a long time without any trouble.

Some Question and Answered About Baby Walkers (Q/A)

Question- What age should perfect for using a baby walker?

Answer- Usually 4-10 month is perfect to using a walker. If your child can hold his neck, head and don’t learn to climb (often that happened during 12- 15 months of ages) then he is fit for using a baby walker.

Question- Is there any option of fixed base Cheap baby walker?

Answer- Yes, if you do not want to sleep move the walker one place to another the go for a sit-o stand walker. This walker moves around a base only.

Question- Is a walker helps to strengthen baby’s leg muscles?

Answer- Yes, he gets the chance to use his legs entirely. So gradually the Walker strengthens the leg muscles.

Question- What would you recommend for carpet floor as a walker?

Answer- Well, maximum Walker made to keep the option in mind but still see the product description correctly which recommend about “usable for all floors.”

Question- What is the weight limit for a baby walker?

Answer- Usually it could be 20- 40 lbs but it may vary brand to brand.


The journey of walking is different for every child. Some are quick learners, but some are very slow. It is best to go with the flow until you get any sign of walking difficulties.

If anything happens to consult with your pediatrician. Usually, a Walker will be a great start for pre-walking babies. If they spend a particular time on a walker every day, it will be beneficiary more for them.

So, if you are considering to have a baby walker for your little one, then make sure it passes all the standards of an ideal baby walker we discussed earlier. Choose wisely and let them have all the fun with the best baby walkers.

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