Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Best Door Jumper

Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Best Door JumperTo make your baby play and cheerful you can present him a doorway jumper like the Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Best Door Jumper. The jumper can engage him for hours and hours.

But don’t worry about the safety. The Baby Einstein door jumper is very comfortable and sturdy enough to tolerate all the pressure, weight, and movement entirely.

The doorway jumper is suitable for the standard door frame and easily can be moved anywhere in your house.

This jumper comes with four different ocean-themed toys to play, comfortable seat, adjustable straps, etc features.

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Repositionable toys:

The Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper offers four repositionable toys to play. Like it has a mirror for self-discovery, starfish-shaped teether and a cute Baby Neptune rattle to play.

Also, it has three crinkle fabric flash cards with underwater imagery and animals. There are three languages English, Spanish, and French names to identify them.

These toys will be a great start to learning about objects, color, and animals.

Helps to improve body muscles: Best Door Jumper

With the healthy diet and proper sleep a kid need to be active physically. It will help him to learn how to use his hands, legs, eyes, etc.

so he can walk better and run better in his early life. The Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Best Door Jumper helps him to improve his motor skills and develop body muscles. That gradually make him stronger inside and so he can run and walk early.

Cozy and sturdy framed seat:

The frame of Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper totally surrounds a kid and provides excellent support during jumping.

The frame is sturdy to bear almost any pressure or weight. Also, the seat is not only comfortable but also easy on maintaining. You can easily swab it with mild detergent or wipe out with a wet cloth.

Secure Door frame clamp:

This doorway jumper has sting and sturdy door frame camper which easy to set on your door. It securely fit the jumper on your doorway and prevents accidentally fall off.

No matter how oddly your baby moves it during playing, it still stands in its place. However, it fits only standard doorways. So if you have another kind of doorways trim it a little bit to set the jumper.

Best Door Jumper

Adjustable straps:

The Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper comes with height and weight adjustable straps. As your baby grows taller and heavy the jumper needs to adjust so your infant can jump comfortably.

Also, this option increases the duration time of utilizing this jumper for a longer time.

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  • Lots of toys to play including starfish teether, crinkle fabric cards, etc.
  • Height adjustment straps.
  • Lightweight and sturdy door frame.
  • Excellent design and color.
  • Affordable price.
  • Good for strengthening baby’s leg and back.
  • Durable product.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Only fits for standard doors.
  • The springs make noises sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q: Is the jumper suitable for both boy and girl or only for selected gender, I like to buy it for my baby girl?

A: The jumper is suitable for both girls and boys.

Q: Can I attach it the jumper on just a beam?

A: No, you need a door frame to attach this jumper.

Q: My baby is up to 30 pounds, is the jumper ok for him?

A: The jumper can bear up to 24.2 pounds as I found it on technical details, so 30 pounds is not perfect for it.

Final Verdict

Overall, the jumper is comfortable, entertaining and nice in look. Your kid will love to have this jumper to play with the toys or jump on it.

It is an affordable and low maintenance jumper which lessens your troubles from keeping the baby busy when you have to attend your household chores.

Also, it is a great media to make the infant exercise and stronger his body muscles, especially the leg and back. So, for best and reliable service you can trust on Baby Einstein Sea & Discovery Door Jumper.

  • January 3, 2017
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