Six simple Tips for Baby Care in Summer Season

Baby Care in Summer Season

Today we are going to discuss some simple tips for Baby Care in Summer Season. Children are needed to take extra care. Moreover, like how changing weather affects your body and skin, it affects more on your newborn’s skin and body.

He needs extra care during every season, especially the summer and winter. In the winter you always make sure that he is wearing proper warm cloth in inside or while going outside, right? So, you have to careful too during hot sunny days, so he is wearing comfortable clothes, diapers that quickly absorb sweat and make him comfortable for an extended time.

Simple Tips for Newborn Baby Care in Summer Season:

Summer time is a tricky time which makes difficult to adjust for an infant to eat, play or sleep comfortably. If you cannot pay proper attention to your child, much-unwanted health problems may cause.

Such as rash, cough, fevers, diarrhea, etc. So, here we have brought 6 simple tips for baby care to make your child comfortable in the summer.

1. Food:

Without any hesitation, the ideal food for every infant is breast milk in every season. If your kid is little older than Baby-foodthat and filmier with solid food then boiled, and mashed vegetables with rice wheat or boiled milk with feeds will be good as a regular meal. Make sure to feed them time to time, so they do not play or sleep on empty stomach. Remember,

  • If you are going to reserved you pre-made baby food into the kitchen, make sure to keep them in the refrigerator or at least any cool place. In hot days, foods quickly rotten so check the food before serve.
  • If your kid drinks formula milk, use powder milk to prepare it every time. Cow milk is spoiled quickly, so if you are going use it boiled it correctly, chill then use and preserve the rest of the milk in the refrigerator.

2. Water:

In the summer, babies also need to take extra water as like the adults. Because of body sweating body become Baby Waterdehydrate and may cause illness. So, it is important to take enough sterile water seek of your baby’s well being.

If your child is below 6 months, then there is no need to give him extra water if your pediatric don’t suggest. Others can have extra pure and hygienic water without any problem. However, sure,

  • The water is filtered or boiled properly. If you are boiling the water make sure it boiled more than 20 minutes.
  • Children should drink more than 1 ounce of water to prevent dehydration.
  • Check his urine output to ensure the symptoms of dehydration.
  • If you are going to use meaner water, check the level, expiry date, etc. and the seal is intact.
  • If your baby is affected to diarrhea, let him drink water, saline, juice, and other liquids as much he can eat.

If You confusion about baby oil then you can check out this post.

3. Heat rash:

Rashes are a common problem in summer. These itchy tiny reddish dots pop up on the face, neck, arms, neck, bump, etc. heat rashes mainly show up on the covered and sweaty area like underarms, bump, etc. To avoid such this problem,

  • Give your baby a beautiful and fresh shower with lukewarm water every day.
  • Use mild baby soap and shampoo to wash skin and hair.
  • Cut the diapers from the total daily wearing. Use the diaper when needs only like going outside or something. Otherwise while staying home avoid using diapers to avoid the nappy rash during summer time.
  • Make him wear loose-fitting cotton clothes.
  • Try to keep him in the cold surrounding. Using the air conditioner will not harm in this weather. Keep the room temperature in 25-degree if the baby is in the room.
  • Decrees the amount of swing or jumping on the baby jumper.

4. Clothes:

Your child needs to relax both play and sleepy time while staying at home. That why you should use the cloth made of cotton or linen.

Light cotton clothes are best to wearer both indoor and outdoor. If they are going to parties and you want to look your baby a gorgeous doll. Use cotton made a party dress with a colorful bow or merchandise her/his outfit with a cute headdress or hat.

  • Avoid synthetic of net dresses in summer.
  • For outside, like beach or picnic use long sleeve dress including the hat/cap.
  • Use sunscreen lotion before going outside for your Bu consults with your pediatrician first.

5. Beware of bugs and mosquitoes:

There is some common problem in the summer, mosquito, and bugs. You do not need to find them; they will get you or your kid until their stomach is full with blood or spread the germs on all over the place.

So keep clean your surrounding area time to time, so the bugs and mosquito do not breed quickly. Also,

  • Use bug or mosquito repelling creams/spray to keep this nuisance away.
  • If you are afraid of chemical made spray, there is other option to use. You can buy natural ingredient made spray or cream from the stores.
  • Clean your air cooler, refrigerator tray time to time.

6. Summer friendly baby carrier:

You can use any light baby carrier which made with nylon in the summer. They are much cozy than denim made big baby carriers. This career has enough air passage to pass the heat. So your kid keeps calm and happy for a long time. If,

  • You are going to use strollers make sure your stroller has the hood so it can protect the boy from the sun.
  • If the kid look flushed in carrier or stroller, keep him out and take him to under shade/cool place.

Personal Tips, Give your baby a beautiful and fresh shower with lukewarm water every day.


Look after a kid during the summer will not so difficult if you are aware of such these things. It will be more easy and enjoyable for both you and your little one as the other season.

So, try to follow all these easy and simple tips for baby care in summer and let him enjoy the true fun of the bright sunny days.

  • February 21, 2017
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